July 31, 2014

Media Release | Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who debut to be shown in 85 Canadian cinemas

From a July 31, 2014 media release sent by BBC Worldwide North America:

BBC Worldwide North America and Cineplex Entertainment’s Front Row Centre Events are teaming up again for two special theatrical screening events of Doctor Who Season Premiere: Deep Breath, on Monday, August 25, 2014, at 7:30 p.m. (local time) and Saturday, August 30, 2014 at 12:55 p.m. (local time).

The hit BBC series marks a new beginning, as award-winning actor Peter Capaldi (In the Loop, World War Z) takes on the role of the iconic Time Lord for adventures through space and time. This electrifying episode will be shown in 85 cinemas across Canada and will include 15 minutes of bonus content.

Showtimes and tickets for Doctor Who Season Premiere: Deep Breath are available now at participating theatre box offices and online at www.Cineplex.com/DeepBreath.

From acclaimed director Ben Wheatley and award-winning lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat, the beginning of the new Doctor’s era is a pulse-racing adventure through Victorian London. Peter Capaldi stars as the Doctor, Jenna Coleman as his companion Clara Oswald and the episode sees the return of fan favourites The Paternoster Gang – Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh), Jenny Flint (Catrin Stewart) and Strax (Dan Starkey).

Soumya Sriraman, EVP Home Entertainment and Licensing for BBC Worldwide North America, commented, “Last year’s 50th Anniversary showcased the passionate and creative fans of Doctor Who across the country. What better way to launch a new Doctor than to give fans and people about to set off on their first journey with the Doctor, a chance to see the premiere on the big screen with exclusive theatrical footage for a thrilling ride.”

“We look forward to providing Canadians this first opportunity to see Peter Capaldi as the Doctor on the big screen, with stunning theatre surround sound,” said Bradley LaDouceur, Vice President, Alternative Programming, Cineplex Entertainment.

Doctor Who has received numerous awards, including last year’s Institutional Peabody Award. The series has enjoyed success off-air with more than 10 million DVDs and 8 million action figures sold globally. BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the UK broadcaster, distributes Doctor Who to more than 200 territories across the world. Peter Capaldi is the twelfth actor to play the role of The Doctor in the series’ over 50-year history. Doctor Who is a BBC Wales production for BBC One.


July 30, 2014

Comic Book Showosky | Gotham and The Flash at the 2014 CTV Upfront

As part of the June 5, 2014 CTV upfront press conferences – and since Gloryosky needs a bit of content that appeals to a wide audience – I had the opportunity to talk to Donal Logue and Ben McKenzie of Fox’s Gotham. I apologize that this interview did not go up with the rest of the June upfront news, and that it was banked until the ass-end of July 2014. This is because I am a mental case.

Robin Lord Taylor (Oswald Cobblepot/the future Penguin) was at the Gotham press conference, but did not answer my question.

How familiar are you with Batman: The Animated Series? Gotham is the first major appearance of characters from the ‘Bat-mythos’ since the show left Fox in 1995.*

Donal Logue (Detective Harvey Bullock): I remember my kids used to watch it in the car driving to Oregon all the time, so I heard Harvey Bullock playing behind me as I was driving. It was funny, ’cause it’s so iconic – the animated series, that was the immediate choice. [Robert Costanzo] did that, and I’m not doing it. Someone else did that! I had seen [Batman: The Animated Series]. It was actually quite good, too.

Ben McKenzie (Detective James Gordon): I’m not familiar with [B:TAS]…having never watched it.

Devon Soltendieck (CTV Upfront press conference moderator): You talk about a cartoon all the way from the ’90s, we’re talking about this with Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. You couldn’t do a show like [Gotham] even five or six years ago. You could not do it. You would have to do it in comic form or cartoon form. That would have been the only way to do it.

McKenzie: I honestly think that network television owes cable television a tip of the hat, because cable has pushed network to say “not only can we do it, but we have to do it. We have to put real money behind it, and we have to really promote it.” That’s what’s brilliant about [Gotham], from my mind…we’re setting it in a time period [where] the tone is sort of noir-ish. It gets your adrenaline rushing in a way that is not at all campy, that is sort of miles away from Adam West Batman, which I loved as a kid.

Soltendieck: I loved the Adam West Batman.

McKenzie: I watched it in the afternoons with my brother.

Soltendieck: I want a Bat-Pole in my house.

*I didn’t ask the question like that, as Rob Salem’s unedited video of the Gotham press conference proves. In truth, glottal sounds came out of my mouth in search of a half-thought-out replacement for better, answered questions. I still thought it was a pertinent question – in my mind, Bob Hastings (RIP) is James Gordon, while Robert Costanzo is Harvey Bullock.

As part of the CTV press conferences, I also interviewed Grant Gustin and Danielle Panabaker of The Flash about what sets The Flash apart from upcoming DC/Vertigo-related shows, as well as The CW’s Arrow, the show The Flash spun off from. This time, the questions I asked were similar to the ones I wrote down. No fumbling for a usable question this time, no sir!

Candice Patton (Iris West) was at the Flash press conference, but did not answer my question.

With three new titles in the DC live-action television universe – Gotham, NBC’s Constantine, and The CW’s iZombie – plus AMC’s upcoming adaptation of Preacher, which was announced earlier this year – how do you think The Flash will stand out, and is a crossover with iZombie out of the question?

Grant Gustin (Barry Allen/The Flash): I would say no crossovers with iZombie. I haven’t heard anything about that. I would imagine that’s something that’s probably not going to happen. I think the crossover is between Arrow and The Flash because it’s the same team, mostly – same existence, same world, and…

Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow): I think what’s great about The Flash is that when you see the trailer and when you see the pilot, it’s very all-American, you know, it’s so relatable. [Barry Allen's] a normal guy who sorta gets plucked out of nowhere and he’s superpowered…The Flash is a very bright show, it’s a very thoughtful show, and I think it’s going to be great.

Both interviews were held at Bell Media Queen Street (299 Queen St. West) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Gotham debuts Monday, September 22, 2014 on CTV, 8:00 PM ET/PT, in simulcast with Fox. The Flash debuts Tuesday, October 7, 2014 on CTV, 8:00 PM ET/PT, in simulcast with The CW.


June 4, 2014

Upfronts 2014 | Shaw Upfront CanCon News

Gloryosky was not invited to Shaw Media’s 2014 upfront, so this site won’t cover the presentation aspects of the Shaw Media upfront this year. To make up for this, here are what I feel are significant stories announced as part of the Shaw Media 2014 upfront.

The only new Canadian content on Global for fall 2014 is its Saturday one-hour documentary slot, at 10:00 PM ET/PT. (June 4, 2014)
Remedy has already been renewed for a second season. Working the Engels’ second-season renewal is contingent on its NBC performance, although the second season is in development. (June 4, 2014)
Big Brother Canada returns for a third season, moving from Slice to Global on the merits of its web presence, and its strong second-season performance on Slice. (June 4, 2014)

Beaver Hearse Section
Twist TV and Mystery will join the Canadian cable television scrap heap in 2014. Twist TV transitions to FYI by fall 2014, while Mystery becomes Crime + Investigation in December 2014. FYI’s American counterpart is itself A+E Networks’ rebrand of Bio Channel. This potentially causes a problem, as Rogers operates Bio Channel in Canada – although Rogers also uses NBCUniversal’s G4 brand, despite the American channel’s uncertain future. (June 4, 2014)

World Broadcast Premieres
History: UFO X-Files, Mummies Alive (not the 1997 cartoon, Horus help us), Dino Hunt, March to the Pole (special)
HGTV Canada: Reno Rookies, Mike’s Ultimate Garage, Custom Built, The Expandables
Food Network Canada: Carnival Eats, Great Canadian Cookbook (June 4, 2014)

Despite reasonable fan interest in a fourth season of Continuum, there is currently no news on the fate of the show beyond the third season. Canadian series and/or co-productions with new seasons include Beauty and the Beast, Haven, and Lost Girl. (June 4, 2014)

Canadian series and/or co-productions with new seasons include Ice Pilots NWT, Restoration Garage, Treasures Decoded, Vikings, and Yukon Gold. (June 4, 2014)


Upfronts 2014 | Rogers Upfront CanCon News

I’ll give a more detailed account of the Rogers upfront presentation later in the week. For now, here are the pertinent moves leading up to, and on the date of, the Rogers 2014 upfront.

NHL on Rogers
Jim Hughson, Dave Randorf, Paul Romanuk and Bob Cole are NHL on Rogers’ play-by-play announcing team for 2014-15, with Hughson as lead play-by-play announcer. (June 3, 2014)

City’s 2014-15 programming strategy is to strip Modern Family Monday to Friday at 7:00 and 7:30 PM ET/PT, 2 Broke Girls Monday to Friday at 10:00 PM ET/PT, and Two and a Half Men Monday to Friday at 10:30 PM ET/PT. Effectively, weekday primetime for City is from 8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT. Saturday and Sunday are NHL nights, with City’s Hockey Night in Canada game airing on Saturday, and Hometown Hockey airing on Sunday. The lone drama returning with new episodes in the 10:00 PM ET/PT hour is ABC’s Revenge, which will air after Hometown Hockey. (June 3, 2014)
Mr. D will debut on City on a second-window basis, as part of a co-production agreement between Rogers Media and CBC. The fourth season will debut on CBC first, then air on City. (June 3, 2014)
Package Deal and The Bachelor Canada are the two returning Canadian shows on City’s fall 2014 schedule. Meet the Family’s second season, according to TV Guide Canada, “will be scattered throughout the schedule when needed”, essentially making it filler. Seed’s third-season hopes are contingent on its performance on American program service The CW. (June 3, 2014)

Illusions of Grandeur and Close Up Kings (both working titles – suffice it to say, the shows are about magic) will debut on OLN in 2015. (May 30, 2014)
Storage Wars Canada has been renewed for thirty-six new episodes. (June 3, 2014; announced at upfront presentation)


May 24, 2014

Upfronts 2014 | The Gloryosky Guide to 2014-15 Primetime Comic Book Shows

CTV announced eleven new American imports for its 2014-15 schedule on May 23, 2014. Three of these new, high-profile imports are based on comic book properties. This is due to Hollywood’s increased interest in comic book properties (e.g., the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Man of Steel, the Batman films, the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film reboot)…and some cable zombie obscurity called The Walking Dead, you may have heard of it. Licensing and intellectual property exploitation play their parts, but that’s like saying Jack Kirby was a dynamic artist.

Five comic book properties – four of them from DC Entertainment – make will the transition to mainstream American network television, for the 2014-15 season. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. performs decently for CTV, while Arrow has a healthy Canadian fanbase. Two of CTV’s six new shows for its 2014-15 fall campaign feature DC Entertainment properties.

This list will be updated as I find out more information. If I miss any shows, and/or screw up on my information, please e-mail Gloryosky, comment on this article, and/or tweet Gloryosky.

As an aside, if you’re looking for Teen Titans Go!, Avengers Assemble or Beware the Batman, those are children’s shows. While Beware the Batman is more maturely written than something like Reckless, BtB doesn’t belong on this list…even though BtB recently joined [adult swim]’s Toonami block in America. Time will tell if Beware the Batman is more maturely written than Gotham.

Update (May 24, 2014): Stupid me, I forgot Preacher is a thing. Updated.

DC (mainstream)
Arrow (third season)
American network/program service: The CW
Canadian network/program service: CTV

The Flash (debuts fall 2014-15)
American network/program service: The CW
Canadian network/program service: CTV (whether CTV or CTV Two to be decided)
Notable USP: Spinoff from/companion show to Arrow.

Gotham (debuts fall 2014-15)
American network/program service: Fox
Canadian network/program service: CTV (whether CTV or CTV Two to be decided)
Notable USP: It’s a Batman property focusing on Commissioner James Gordon. That’s all the USP Gotham needs.

DC (Vertigo)
Constantine (debuts October 24, 2014)
American network/program service: NBC
Canadian network/program service: Global
Notable USP: DC/Vertigo’s Hellblazer, of which John Constantine was the main character, ran from 1988-2013; Hellblazer was replaced by The New 52’s Constantine series. Constantine plans to be truer to the character’s roots than the 2005 Keanu Reeves film.

iZOMBIE (debuts fall 2014-15)
American network/program service: The CW
Canadian network/program service: to be decided
Notable USPs: Based on Chris Roberson and Mike Allred’s 2010-12 Vertigo series. One of the executive producers is Rob Thomas, creator of Veronica Mars.

Preacher (debut to be decided)
American specialty channel: AMC
Canadian network/program service: to be decided
Notable USP: Based on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s 1995-2000 Vertigo series.

Marvel’s Agent Carter (debuts 2014-15 midseason)
American network/program service: ABC
Canadian network/program service: CTV (whether CTV or CTV Two to be decided)
Notable USPs: Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; will debut after Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s January 2015 mid-season break.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (second season)
American network/program service: ABC
Canadian network/program service: CTV

The Walking Dead (fifth season)
American specialty channel: AMC
Canadian network/program service: none; Canada carries the American AMC feed
Notable USP: The Walking Dead’s fourth season premiere earned 16.1 million same-day viewers in America. Simply put, it’s a cable juggernaut.


May 22, 2014

TV News/Media Releases | Bell Media/Shaw Media News Roundup (May 20-22, 2014)

Bell Media
Motive was renewed for a thirteen-episode third season on CTV. (May 21, 2014)

Bitten was renewed for a ten-episode second season on SPACE. (May 22, 2014)

Played (Bell Media loves its six-letter show titles) was cancelled after its lone season on CTV. (May 22, 2014)

Corner Gas: The Movie was announced, as well as an adjoining Kickstarter campaign that is currently wildly successful. Questions have been raised about Corner Gas: The Movie‘s reliance on government arts funding, as well as the ethics of using Kickstarter to fund Corner Gas: The Movie‘s marketing campaign.

As an aside, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: The End of the End‘s release is scheduled for the end of 2014. (May 20, 2014-ongoing)

Shaw Media
Global’s Rookie Blue claimed over 1.3 million viewers for its fifth-season premiere. (May 21, 2014)

Non-profit organization Innoversity will hold the 2014 Shaw Media Broadcaster Showcase. The event is free with registration, and will take place at the Toronto Reference Library’s Bram and Bluma Appel Salon. (May 20, 2014)


May 20, 2014

Media Release | Strombo Interviews The Prince of Wales, May 20 on CBC

From a May 16, 2014 press release (I know, this should have been up earlier, but it slipped my mind somehow):


Recorded in London, the half-hour special will air Tuesday, May 20 on CBC-TV at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT)

In advance of his Canadian visit, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales sits down with George Stroumboulopoulos in London for his first ever Canadian TV interview to discuss his relationship with Canada. In the interview, Prince Charles discusses his love for Canada and its people, multiculturalism and diversity, his charity work, his sense of duty, and also touches on several of his passions, including architecture, organic food and public service.

During the interview, The Prince of Wales said he thinks he “might be able to contribute a little bit here and there to Canadian life.” Prince Charles also praised, “Unity through diversity. The key is to encourage diversity, that you can create it. You create the unity through recognizing people’s individual cultures and outlook.”

The full interview will air as a half-hour special, Prince of Wales: The Conversation with George Stroumboulopoulos on Tuesday, May 20 at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) on CBC-TV. Two new Coronation Street episodes will air in advance of the special, starting at 7 p.m. on CBC-TV.


May 7, 2014

Article | 2014 CanCon Summer Season Schedule

As a break from Gloryosky’s new “strategy” of posting press releases, here is a list of new and/or returning primetime Canadian series and specials that will air during summer 2014. Also included are cable shows earning a second window on conventional broadcast and/or mainstream cable television.

Update (May 23, 2014): Remedy is a conventional broadcast show making its cable debut; it was mentioned in this tweet from @ShawMediaBuzz, so I mention it here.

This list will be updated as I find out more information. If I miss any shows, and/or screw up on dates/times, please e-mail Gloryosky, comment on this article, and/or tweet Gloryosky.

CBC Short Film Face Off: fourth national annual competition premieres Saturday, August 30; 7:00 PM ET/PT; 8:00 PM AT; 8:30 PM NL

19-2: debuts Thursday, June 5; 10:00 PM ET/PT (original home: Bravo)
2014 MuchMusic Video Awards: twenty-fifth annual awards ceremony airs Sunday, June 15; 9:00 PM ET/PT (simulcast with MuchMusic)
The Amazing Race Canada: second season premieres Tuesday, July 8; 9:00 PM ET/PT (CTV original)
Bitten: debut TBA (original home: SPACE)
The Listener: fifth season premieres Monday, May 26; 9:00 PM ET/PT (CTV original)
Orphan Black: second season premiere TBA (original home: SPACE)

Rookie Blue: fifth season premieres Monday, May 19; 10:00 PM ET/PT; moves to Wednesday at 10:00 PM ET/PT starting July 2 (Global original)

2014 MuchMusic Video Awards: twenty-fifth annual awards ceremony airs Sunday, June 15; 9:00 PM ET/PT (simulcast with CTV)

W Network
Shannon & Sophie: debuts Tuesday, May 20; 10:00 PM ET/PT (W Network original; two-episode premiere)

Cook’d: debuts Tuesday, May 20; 7:00 PM ET/PT (YTV original)

CMT Canada
Mom’s a Medium: debuts Friday, June 20; 9:00 PM ET (CMT Canada original)

Skye and Chang (pilot): primetime debut Tuesday, May 20; 9:30 PM ET/8:30 PM PT; pilot first aired April 26 at 4:00 PM ET/MT/CT (APTN original)

Never Ever Do This at Home: second season premieres Monday, May 12; 9:00 PM ET/PT (Discovery original)

Canada in Perspective: third season premieres Sunday, May 25; 6:30 PM ET/PT (AMI-tv original)

The Day My Butt Went Psycho: debuts Thursday, June 12; 6:30 PM ET/PT (Teletoon original; co-production between Nelvana and Studio Moshi)

Vikings: second season premieres Thursday, June 19; time TBD (original home: History)
Remedy: debuts Tuesday, June 3; time TBD (original home: Global)

HGTV Canada
Buy It! Fix It! Sell It!: debuts Friday, May 23; 10:00 PM ET (HGTV original)

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